Year 2 Begins

Last year at Adar’s insistence, we became beekeepers. That is Adar and I became beekeepers. Part of his fascination was due to the highly successful Indigogo campaign for the Flow Hive. With our Flow Hive™ assembled, we purchased a nuc and we were underway.  After an amazing summer and fall watching and learning from these fabulous creatures, sadly, winter was not as kind.  Winter 2016 was the coldest and harshest in Portland in over 30 years.  In early March, we were in tears as we learned our bees did not survive.  However, what did survive was our learnings, knowledge and desire to continue.

This year we added a second hive.  We now have two 8 frame
langstroth deep hives.  As we got to start fresh, we moved the hives away from our garage to a sunny spot in the yard.  The hives open to the
north and are aligned east to west.  Hive #1 is a pine hive that is furthest east and 5 feet closer to the house.  Hive #2 is cedar.  Hive #1 has an entrance reducer.


We purchased 2 packages from Ruhl Bee Supply and picked them up today.  After carefully driving them home (nothing like thousands of bees in the back of the car), we installed the first package into hive #1.  After a brief break we installed the second package in hive #2.  We used a shake-less method where after the queen is placed in the hive, we turned the package upside down on top of the inner cover in a
2nd empty box.  Both hives received a feeder with 1:1 and a pollen packet.  After getting the bees settled in, the weather turned cold and rainy and Adar and I headed for the house, hopeful our new friends were getting comfortable in their new homes.


We enter this second year as beekeepers with 1 goal.  We want to establish 2 strong hives that can withstand the Cascadian winter.  With this goal in mind, we know we have hard work to help grow the broods and will receive no reward this season.

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