Hive #2 Second Box


Added a second super to hive #2, which was busting at the seams. Bees seemed happy and began immediately building in the new space. Kept both feeders full.

Peeking in the Windows


Hive #1 has the advantage of windows. While peeking in, I noticed that 6 1/2 of the 8 frames are completed with comb. Bees seem to struggle getting in and out of the hive due to the entrance reducer. Now that it’s warm, I’ll probably remove the reducer this weekend. Both hives required more food […]

Feeding and more feeding


Opened both hives. Hive #2 is eating food and building comb quickly. Refilled both feeders. Hive #1 is building, but not eating as much food.

Queen Cages Removed


I removed the queen cages in both hives. Both hives are extremely active with numerous bees building and flying.

Small Tweaks


As we’ve been watching the 2 hives, hive #2 (the flow hive box) seemed to not be consuming as much food as hive #1. I was wondering if there was difficulty in accessing the feeder due to the flow hives uniquely sized entrance. I added a top feeder to hive #2, above the inner cover […]

Package Boxes Removed


Opened both hives and removed the empty packages from the upper boxes. On both hives, the package boxes were completely empty – a good sign! I also removed the empty upper brood boxes, forcing the bees to focus on lower brood boxes.

Settling In


After a cold rainy night, I was concerned when I didn’t see active bees this morning.  It was approximately 45°F when I left for work.  When I arrived home, the temperature was in the mid-upper 60s and the yard was full of active busy bees.  Hive #1(pine) appeared to be more active, but that may […]

Year 2 Begins


Last year at Adar’s insistence, we became beekeepers. That is Adar and I became beekeepers. Part of his fascination was due to the highly successful Indigogo campaign for the Flow Hive. With our Flow Hive™ assembled, we purchased a nuc and we were underway.  After an amazing summer and fall watching and learning from these […]