Work Life Integration


Almost every company’s careers page makes some comment about good work-life balance. Work-life balance is a mainstay topic for corporate HR types and almost always present on a companies career website. While it seems important to discuss work-life balance during the hiring process, it’s just wrong. There’s no such thing as work like balance. People […]



I suffer from lost application syndrome.  That is, I can’t find the app I need on my iPad in a timely manner.  When I need to actually use an app I spend a good minute or two flipping between screens and opening folders looking for apps.  I’ve tried putting apps with similar / complementary functions […]

Maximum and minimum


  I’ve always found signage interesting. What exactly is the message that is the author meant to convey? The grocery store sign of ’10 items or less’ lets the shopper know know exactly how many items are allowed through the checkout despite being grammatically incorrect. Today on my bike ride I noticed a No Motor […]

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