I suffer from lost application syndrome.  That is, I can’t find the app I need on my iPad in a timely manner.  When I need to actually use an app I spend a good minute or two flipping between screens and opening folders looking for apps.  I’ve tried putting apps with similar / complementary functions within proximity.  I’ve studied my workflow to determine what apps I use in what sequence.  Nothing seemed to help.

I was in a meeting at work last week and wanted to take notes with the outstanding Penultimate app.  Back to screen flipping and scrolling.  Where did I put the damn icon?  (Sure, I could have used spotlight to find it)  In my frustration, I heard myself say, “I can’t find the app, but I know it’s a brown icon.”  EUREKA!


My iPad icons are now organized by color.  First screen are blues, second reds, third greens, and so on.  I thought it was crazy at first, but 1 week into this system and I’m zipping right to the needed app.  Looks strange, but works.  Ask yourself, what color is Yelp?  Evernote?  Jamstar?  WordPress?

One observation, blue is easily the most popular color for I apps I have installed and use.

Oh yeah, the correct answers are: Red, Green, Orange, and Blue.

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