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Why do we need the letter C?


Why do we need the letter C? We have K and S. Why is Y sometimes a vowel and sometimes not? Did we just get lazy at the end of the alphabet?

4 Sins of the Modern Office


We have all been there. A great job, talented colleagues, desirable products – all ingredients to light up the sky with success. Yet, at the end of the workday, all we have to show is a dimly-lit smoggy sky. Rather than feeling accomplished, we feel depleted; we wonder where the day went and whether it represented an advance or a retreat.

Sugar Shane and the Cardinal Way


Looking beyond the actions of a couple of front office staffers, who wouldn’t be recognized anywhere in public, are the awesome actions of the true St. Louis Cardinals doing things the Cardinal way. On Monday, the Cardinals hosted the Minnesota Twins in an inter-league game.  In the sixth inning, when the Twins needed a pinch […]

Menu Items Without Links


One thing that’s always bugged me is duplication in menus. WordPress duplicates menu functionality by default. In some cases it makes sense, in others, it muddles the menu hierarchy. For example, my local newspaper’s website offers a menu selection: ‘Entertainment’ The ‘Entertainment’ menu option has 2 purposes. First it links to a page titles ‘Entertainment […]

Is the party over for Facebook?


Facebook and Google+ are in danger of repeating the mistakes IBM made in the 90s and Microsoft in the previous decade. Other networks are catching up fast in the rear-view mirror, and they are bigger and closer than they appear.

Have it your way


It seems every “news” site I read, I see an article about how the evil corporation Burger King is doing something wrong by performing a tax inversion. I’ve read arguments that Burger King is unethical, immoral, and evil. Burger King is simply operating within the rules and bounds available to it. It is finding the […]

Same Same but Different


Over the last decade, Facebook and Google+ have built a sizable user base. This enables them to store and relate user information, as well as to augment traditional means of connectivity such as email and messaging.



This is true not only in economics, but software development, accounting and thousands of other applications. One thing to remember in economics is that you can’t do one thing in economics. There are always other effects that come out of it. — Warren Buffett

Virgil said it best

Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas

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